5 things to do in Amsterdam

1. Somewhere to stay: The Times Hotel on Herengracht. Classy, clean and stylish and located super central, close to Dam Square and the 9th streets, and the staff was very friendly. The continental breakfast was more like a breakfast buffet and the room fantastic. Definitely a good choice for a short romantic trip to Amsterdam.
2. Somewhere to eat: Tashi Deleg is located on Utrechtsestraat and serves Tibetan and Indonesian food. Really great prices and fantastic food! For about 20-30€ per person you get a full menu. And you have to try the Tibetan butter tea- delicious!
3. Something to do: Check out bikes and buildings. Compete and check which one of you who can find the strangest bike and the most crooked building first. The looser has to throw the other one down the canal.
4. Something else to do: Again- take pictures. Of everything! There is small details to be found in every corner all over this very liberal and exiting city. Check out the human silly statues on Dam Square. This time I fell in love with a yellow furry chicken! And you can touch Robert Pattinson on Madame Tussauds. The nicest film experience in town has to be Pathé, in Theater Tuschinski. This Art Nouveau building is spectacular. Oh, and don’t miss the chance to buy lots of seeds, roots, bulbs and fresh flowers at the Flower market on Bloemenmarkt.
5. Something you have to do- go red of course! Night or day, stroll down to the Red District, the only place in the world where you can order Cannabis as easy as ordering a coffee and where girls are for sale in huge display windows. Pretty strong stuff for an innocent Swede…

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