Zero Waste Living – Inspiring books



We lived in Tokyo many years ago. In the summer we used to go swimming in Kamakura, a little city by the sea, not too far from the busy streets of Tokyo. It was always great to go there for a day or two, to get that breath of fresh air and clean water to swim in. However, a few years ago we returned to Kamakura. Six years had passed since we lived in Tokyo then, but to our surprise something awful had happened to the ocean! Every wave brought slimy pieces of plastic towards the beach, stroking against our legs passing. That’s when I realised that something is really wrong with the way we consume, trash and pollute. Humans have been on this earth a very short time and we have already managed to do a lot of harm. We are all responsible for this scenario, but where to start?

Well, a good place to start is always within yourself. You can’t change others or the world over night, but you can definitely change your own behaviour and your own mind. And like someone once told me: sharing and spreading goodness is like a great smelling perfume – it’s never a good idea to go around spraying it on people, but wear it yourself and someone might ask: “man, you smell good! What is that you’re wearing!?” And once you explain, you might sew a small seed and you might actually be able to help change the next person 🙂

Two great books that I’m reading at the moment about trash and how to live trash-free are Zero Waste Lifestyle by Amy Korst and Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. Both books are full of information about the garbage problem in our world and lots of hands-on tips how you can change the way you live. I really recommend them. Happy reading!

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